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Individual consultations for Private investors, Kyiv, Ukraine

Individual advice on investments, finances and taxes (for portfolio investors)

IQ Smart Capital is your guide in the world of financial success and stability. We provide bespoke investment advice for high-net-worth clients with significant capital.

We can quickly and effectively analyse your investment portfolio, identify weak and strong assets, assess the current financial condition of your company, analyse the economic processes occurring in the investment region, and help you make the optimal decision for your entire asset portfolio.

We will also help you understand the reasons for the fall or rise in an asset's price, calculate the expected return and risk level of each individual asset and the entire portfolio as a whole. We offer a personalised approach tailored to your unique needs, financial circumstances, and goals.

Our bespoke advice includes not only portfolio analysis and the current market situation but also the development of investment strategies that match your style and comfort level (in terms of risk tolerance). We offer you deep knowledge and years of experience to help you make informed decisions in the world of finance and investments.

We believe that each client is unique, and we strive to ensure that each bespoke consultation helps solve your problems and challenges. Our goal is not only to provide you with important and relevant information but also to explain, teach you to analyse the market, and make decisions that will lead to the achievement of your specific goals.

As your partner, we guarantee you high-quality service and continuous support on your path to success. Welcome to IQ Smart Capital, where every step you take leads to financial freedom and prosperity!

Consultations and analysis of an Investment portfolio

  • Consultation and analysis of portfolio investment efficiency
  • Consulting and fundamental analysis of company shares
  • Analytics and consulting on the financial health of the company
  • Consulting and analysis of historical profitability
  • Consultations and analysis of expected profitability
  • Analytics and consulting on portfolio risks
  • Consultations on taxation of investments

Individual consultations: Financial and Tax, etc.

  • Tax optimization strategy for investors in Ukraine
  • Consultations on strategic portfolio diversification
  • Consultations on portfolio profitability optimization
  • Consultations on the risk profile of the investor

Consulting on macroeconomics and forecasting

    • Analysis and forecasting of the macroeconomics of the investment region
    • Assessment of the current situation in the economy of the investment region
    • Recommendations for adjusting the investment strategy
    • Strategies for minimizing risk based on economic expectations

    Investment Advisory from IQ Smart Capital experts

    As an expert in the field of investment and finance, IQ Smart Capital can offer you high quality service, a modern fundamental approach and confidentiality.

    As an investor, you may be interested in financial planning, determining the investment horizon, mathematical and statistical calculations of risk parameters and expected returns. All these questions can be the subject of individual consultations for individuals.

    It should be noted that we do not provide investment advice and recommendations that answer the question “buy, sell, hold assets and/or financial instruments in the portfolio?”. Such decisions are made by the investor at his own risk, the investor must independently consider his options and make a decision based on the information available to him.

    Investment advice on Portfolio Risk Diversification

    There is always a financial and investment risk, and this must be remembered, therefore, each investor makes all investment decisions himself and bears the risk of losses, financial losses, legal and tax consequences of his investment decisions.

    Our mission is to provide the investor with assistance and information to make informed investment decisions on their own. We provide knowledge, analytics, data and specialized calculations on the list of assets that the investor wants to have in his portfolio, and which he selects in the portfolio as an object for investment.

    Сonsultancy on Financial Engineering for Investors

    Modern financial engineering and risk management capabilities, combined with experience and knowledge, can be useful for beginners and professional investors who want to reduce risks and increase profitability.

    You can find out more relevant and useful information about modern investments in US stocks and funds on the main page of the site.

    Please fill out an application for a free online consultation about the service Investment advisory for individuals, and our experts from the main office in Kyiv will contact you at the next working time!

    The Importance of Fundamental Analysis for Portfolio

    Fundamental stock analysis is an essential part of successful investment portfolio management. This method focuses on evaluating companies' financial metrics, such as revenue, expenses, profit, assets, and liabilities, to determine their true value and growth potential. In constantly changing market conditions, especially in the US stock market, thorough fundamental analysis helps investors make informed decisions, minimise risks, and maximise their investment returns.

    How to Understand a Company's Debt Load?

    One of the key aspects of fundamental analysis is assessing a company's debt load. To do this, investors analyse various financial indicators, such as the debt-to-equity ratio and the interest coverage ratio. The Debt-to-Equity Ratio shows the relationship between a company's total debt and its equity, allowing an assessment of how dependent the company is on borrowed funds. A high ratio may indicate potential financial difficulties, especially during economic downturns.

    The Interest Coverage Ratio, on the other hand, shows how well a company can service its debt obligations from its operating profit. A low level of interest coverage can indicate a high risk of default, making investments in such a company more risky. Investors focusing on US stocks should pay particular attention to these metrics to avoid investing in companies with excessive debt loads.

    Why is Economic Value Added (EVA) Important?

    Economic Value Added (EVA) is an important indicator that shows how effectively a company uses its resources to create value for shareholders. EVA is calculated as the difference between net operating profit after taxes (NOPAT) and the cost of all capital resources used. A positive EVA indicates that the company is generating income exceeding the cost of capital employed, which is a sign of financial health and promising growth.

    Investors forming a portfolio should consider EVA when evaluating stocks, as this indicator helps determine how well a company can create economic value in the long term. Companies with high EVA are more likely to experience sustainable development and growth in stock value, which contributes to the overall efficiency of an investor's portfolio.

    Problems with Cash Flow and Working Capital

    Cash flow and working capital management also play a key role in fundamental analysis. Cash flow shows how much money a company generates from its core activities and how well it can cover its operating expenses, investments, and debt obligations. Problems with cash flow can indicate financial instability and increased risk of insolvency.

    Working capital, which is the difference between current assets and current liabilities, is an indicator of a company's operational efficiency. Low working capital can indicate liquidity problems and the inability of a company to meet its short-term obligations.

    Companies experiencing difficulties with cash flow and working capital management may face serious financial problems, negatively affecting their investment appeal. Therefore, investors should carefully analyse these aspects to minimise risks and enhance the return on their investment portfolio.

    Individual investment consultations, Kyiv, Ukraine!

    Order individual consultations and analysis of your asset portfolio from IQ Smart Capital, since fundamental analysis of stocks is a key tool for increasing the efficiency of your investment portfolio. Assessing financial metrics such as debt load, economic value added, cash flow, and working capital allows investors to make informed decisions and avoid potentially unprofitable investments. In the dynamic US stock market, fundamental analysis helps investors identify promising companies and form a balanced and profitable portfolio.


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    Advice and analysis of stocks for investors, Kyiv
    Advice and analysis of stocks for investors, Kyiv
    Investment advice in Ukraine, how to invest in 2023 and 2024
    Order a consultation on an investment portfolio in Kyiv
    Investment advisory services on how to start investing
    Individual consultations and analytics for investors

    Individual consultations and analytics for investors

    Analysis of economic indicators and company metrics, checking important performance, liquidity and financial health metrics.

    Consultancy on economic and financial matters

    Consultancy on economic and financial matters

    Consultancy on process, pitfalls and investment strategies. Planning and development of portfolio targets.

    Our Approach: Investment advice for individuals

    First of all, we understand and respect the financial goals of our clients. To do this, we discuss your needs and take into account your tolerance and appetite for risk. In a way, we are also trying to dissuade clients from a simplistic understanding of the market and provide a deeper understanding of the broad possibilities of the stock market.

    As a partner in the world of finance, IQ Smart Capital strives to create value for its clients through technology and knowledge in the field of finance and investment! Before concluding an agreement, we advise our clients, study their financial situation and the possibilities of long-term, successful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

    Our Advantages: Consultations for Portfolio investors

    We use a competent fundamental approach, modern analytical tools to develop strategies and implement the tasks of our clients! In our work, we focus on the stock market and ETFs of different asset classes, as these financial instruments provide an opportunity to achieve your goals and get a higher return per unit of risk than the broad market.

    We mainly use long-term Relative Return Strategies, the purpose of which is to obtain a higher return per unit of risk, or to obtain a similar return, but with less risk.

    We use a unique risk analysis and management system, which makes it possible to provide a stable return on investment and the optimal level of risk that is most suitable for our clients in the medium- and long-term period.

    Benefits for Clients: Unique investment solutions

    Clients of IQ Smart Capital can take advantage of modern wide opportunities of the stock market, have their own independent and unique investment portfolio that can cover average annual inflation, can provide high efficiency and stable results in in the medium- and long-term period.

    A unique risk monitoring and management system allows us to adapt а current investment portfolio in advance to future changes in the economy. It also allows us to achieve a truly stable return on investment, depending on the strategy, goals and investment horizon!

    Our Experts

    Professional Financial engineering and Risk management of Portfolio investments. Research and Analysis of the stock market, Investment in US and European stocks. Development of Quantitative Investment Strategies, Smart-Beta Strategies and Relative Return Strategies.

    Studied investment management and finance at MIM-Kyiv Business School. Studied at Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University (USA).

    Many years of business management experience, entrepreneur with 25 years of experience. He has an MBA degree from Business School MIM-Kyiv, Master of Laws, specialist in financial and banking law.

    Zair Iusupov

    CEO and Chief Investment Strategist

    Private Wealth Management, Development of Investment Strategies and Advisory

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    Individual investment consultation in Kyiv

    Individual investment consultations in Kyiv

    Investments are becoming an increasingly important component of successful financial planning. In Kyiv, you can access individual investment consultations that will help you develop an investment strategy tailored to your goals and needs. During the consultations, you can discuss various aspects of investments, including choosing an optimal portfolio of stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. Qualified consultants will analyze your financial situation, assess your investment experience and risk profile, and help you develop a personalized plan of action. Investment consultations in Kyiv also offer the opportunity to discuss current trends in financial markets, analyze past and current financial performance of companies, and explore prospects for future growth. When forming an investment portfolio, both global and regional factors are taken into account. For example, in the United States, stocks of companies such as Apple Inc. (AAPL), Inc. (AMZN), Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), and Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) are popular investment targets due to their stable growth dynamics and leadership in innovation. Thanks to the individual approach and professional support of consultants, investment consultations in Kyiv will become a reliable and effective tool for achieving your financial goals.

    Investor consultancy: what questions can be discussed?

    Consultations for investors: what questions can be discussed?

    Investor consultations offer a unique opportunity to receive detailed information and expert opinion on global financial markets and investment prospects. During the consultations, you can discuss a wide range of issues, from strategy formation of an investment portfolio and selection of stocks to analysis of market trends and risk management. Qualified consultants will help you identify your investment profile and goals, as well as select the most suitable investment instruments and strategies according to your needs and expectations. An important aspect of consultations is the analysis of current trends and events in the market, including assessing the impact of political and economic factors on investment decisions. When discussing investment opportunities, investors can also consider stocks of companies actively traded on US stock exchanges, such as Tesla Inc. (TSLA), Facebook Inc. (FB), Netflix Inc. (NFLX), and others, which attract investors' attention due to their growth potential and innovative activity. Through investor consultations, you will be able to make informed decisions and achieve desired results in the field of investing.

    Ordering investment consultation in Ukraine, Kyiv

    Ordering investment consultation in Ukraine, Kyiv

    In a rapidly changing financial environment, it is important to have access to professional investment consultations to make informed decisions. In Kyiv, you can order an investment consultation and receive personalized recommendations from experienced experts in the field of investment. When ordering a consultation, you will be provided with individual advice and analysis of your financial situation, as well as recommendations for investment strategy and portfolio formation. Qualified consultants will help you assess risks and opportunities in financial markets, as well as help you develop a strategy that meets your financial goals and needs. When discussing investment opportunities, you can also consider stocks of companies, including Boeing Co. (BA), Coca-Cola Co. (KO), Procter & Gamble Co. (PG), and others, listed on US stock exchanges and attracting investors' attention due to their stability and dividend payments. Order an investment consultation in Kyiv today and start effectively managing your finances to achieve your financial goal.