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Welcome to IQ Smart Capital - Your reliable Partner on the path of Financial Success and Prosperity!

We offer modern Private Wealth Management services: top-tier support and Investment Portfolio Management for HNWI and UHNWI. We value your trust and are ready to offer you innovative investment strategies, legal and tax advice, a personalised approach, and high-quality service that meet your status and expectations!

Why do clients trust IQ Smart Capital?

  • Technological innovation: We utilise cutting-edge technologies for data analysis and portfolio management on the client's account, providing innovative and effective investment strategies. Your finances remain under your full control on your individual brokerage account, ensuring protection and complete control over your capital.
  • Confidentiality: We guarantee absolute confidentiality of your financial data and decisions, ensuring the highest level of protection and security.
  • High-level service: Our team of experts is ready to provide you with top-class and personalised service, considering your unique needs and goals.
  • Personalised solutions: We value your individuality and offer a personalised approach to managing your portfolio, taking into account your unique goals, risk profile, and preferences.
  • Financial success: Our goal is your financial success. We help you grow your capital and achieve your financial goals.
  • Trust: Our company is built on principles of honesty, transparency, and long-term relationships with clients. We are ready to earn your trust and establish long-term partnership!

Submit your personalized consultation request today and explore new investment opportunities. We are ready to be your reliable partner on the path to financial well-being and prosperity. Trust us, and we will do everything possible to help you achieve financial success!

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Professional Financial engineering and Risk management of Portfolio investments. Research and Analysis of the stock market, Investment in US and European stocks. Development of Quantitative Investment Strategies, Smart-Beta Strategies and Relative Return Strategies.

Studied investment management and finance at MIM-Kyiv Business School. Studied at Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University (USA).

Many years of business management experience, entrepreneur with 25 years of experience. He has an MBA degree from Business School MIM-Kyiv, Master of Laws, specialist in financial and banking law.

Zair Iusupov

CEO and Chief Investment Strategist

Private Wealth Management, Development of Investment Strategies and Advisory

Investment opportunities for IQ Smart Capital clients?

The IQ Smart Capital team warmly welcomes you to our virtual space! Here, we don't just offer information and services; we open the doors to a new world of possibilities and financial prospects.

Our mission is simple: to make your life financially successful and stable. We aim to be your guides in the world of investments, helping you navigate complex financial matters and make informed decisions.

When you become a client of IQ Smart Capital, you don't just gain access to capital management services. You become our partner and friend, and every member of our team will strive to help you achieve your financial goals.

We understand that each client is unique, so we develop individual investment strategies tailored to your goals, needs, and risk tolerance. Our goal is not just to help you manage your investments but also to provide you with peace of mind and confidence in the future.

Our approach to investments is based on deep market analysis and cutting-edge technologies. We constantly monitor changes in the global economy and market trends to adapt our strategies and ensure you get the maximum return on your investments.

However, our work doesn't stop at investment management. We also aim to be your mentor and guide in the world of finance. We regularly conduct educational events, share expert knowledge and advice to help you expand your financial knowledge and make more informed and balanced decisions.

Furthermore, we take pride in being responsible participants in financial markets. We adhere to high standards of ethics and transparency in our activities, always upholding principles of honesty and trust.

We are grateful that you have chosen us as your investment partners and promise you our full support and dedication on the journey to financial success.

Welcome to IQ Smart Capital
– the world of endless possibilities and financial freedom!

Macroeconomic indicators

US economic indicators needed to analyze the investment region.

Key US economic Indicators

Leading / Coincident / Lagging

Indicators of the US economy that need to be analyzed regularly to understand the processes taking place in certain sectors of the American economy.

Analytics for investors who want to invest in Eurozone stocks.

Key economic indicators of Europe

Leading / Coincident / Lagging

Will real GDP grow in Europe? What is the level of employment in Europe now? What phase of the business cycle is the Eurozone economy currently in?

Economic indicators of China useful for analyzing investment opportunities.

Key economic indicators of China

Leading / Coincident / Lagging

The Chinese economy is very important for predicting global GDP. China's official statistics are dubious. But what indicators reflect the real picture in the Chinese economy?

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Investments in the stock market (investments in US and European funds)

Modern investments in shares and the US stock market

Let's discuss: Investing in stocks and the US stock market presents an attractive opportunity for investors seeking high returns and long-term capital growth. The United States is one of the most developed and dynamic markets in the world, offering a wide range of investment opportunities. It's important to pay attention to this! Some of the leading stocks on the American stock market include: Apple Inc. (AAPL), Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN), Alphabet Inc. (GOOG, GOOGL), and Facebook, Inc. (META). Investing in stocks can be done either directly, by purchasing shares of individual companies, or through investment funds, including mutual funds and ETFs (which should also fit into your strategy!). Modern investments offer a variety of available investment products, allowing contemporary investors to choose strategies that align with their financial goals and risk tolerance. At the same time, it is important to consider not only the potential returns but also the risks associated with the selected assets. It is crucial to be able to calculate these risks and update them regularly!

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Long-term investments in US stocks and ETFs (from 5 years)

In fact, this is quite an important and relevant topic for major portfolio investors! The point is that long-term investments in US stocks and ETFs represent a strategy aimed at accumulating capital over many years or decades (with particular attention to inflation and risk diversification). This approach is based on a belief in the long-term growth of the American economy, as well as confidence in the stable development of leading US companies. It is crucial for a long-term major investor to avoid capital loss when investing in US stocks, cover inflation, and pay minimal taxes. Bear in mind that long-term investments in stocks allow investors to benefit from market growth trends and receive steady, albeit small, dividends (it all depends on the tax minimisation strategy), reinvesting them for additional capital growth. For example, American ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) are one of the most popular instruments for long-term investing in US stocks. They allow investors to defer taxes on capital gains for years, while keeping the money working in the portfolio and annually gaining the advantage of compound interest! Yes, everything depends on the strategy and regularity of capital withdrawal, but investing in stocks (or US funds) over many years ensures portfolio diversification by investing in a wide range of assets, while enjoying the advantages of liquidity and low fees compared to other types of American funds. In general, book a consultation and let's get down to business! Start investing in US or European stocks today!

Investments in US and European stocks, analysis of profitability and risk, Kyiv, Ukraine

How to minimize the risk of an investment portfolio with IQ Smart Capital?

Minimizing investment portfolio risk is a key task for investors seeking to ensure stability and preservation of their investments in volatile market conditions. One of the main strategies to reduce risk is portfolio diversification. Allocating investments across different assets and sectors helps mitigate the impact of negative events on individual investments. In addition, choosing stable and reliable companies, as well as using investment instruments such as bonds and diversified ETF funds, also contribute to risk reduction. It is also important to regularly review the portfolio composition and react to changes in market conditions according to your investment goals and strategy.