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Financial Engineering for Individual Investors

Financial Engineering and Risk Management for Portfolio Investors

Financial engineering is a fairly generalized concept for services related to deep mathematical and statistical analysis of individual assets and the entire investor portfolio. Financial engineering may also include calculations and analysis of risks, specific metrics, historical analysis and the relationship of asset behavior in order to calculate the market and individual risk of an asset and the entire portfolio.

Optimization of Return and Risk of the Investor's portfolio

  • Calculation of portfolio risk parameters (Std Dev, Beta)
  • Calculation of the expected return of the portfolio
  • Construction of the portfolio efficiency frontier
  • Optimization of return per unit of risk
  • Risk minimization for a given return
  • Smoothing portfolio asset weights

Efficient portfolio Asset Allocation Model

  • Calculation of portfolio asset efficiency parameters
  • Calculation of special asset allocation factors
  • Calculation of momentum factors for portfolio assets
  • Allocation of capital in the portfolio
  • Portfolio performance calculation

Modern financial engineering also helps to manage the expected return and risk of a portfolio, adjust certain parameters when building a portfolio structure and form volatility expectations and growth potential.

Investment financial engineering can take into account fundamental historical data, the quality and stability of asset returns to form a portfolio structure and allocate capital between assets. Subtle mathematical and statistical calculations can help investors make informed investment decisions, optimize and smooth out market risk and portfolio volatility.

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Financial Engineering
Financial Engineering
Risk Management for Portfolio Investors
Creating Diversification Models
Services for portfolio investors, Kyiv, Ukraine
Financial engineering (Equity Analysis and Risk Diversification)

Financial engineering (Equity Analysis and Risk Diversification)

We provide our clients with valuable and up-to-date information to monitor portfolio assets and make informed investment decisions.

Unique investment opportunities for all our clients

Unique investment opportunities for all our clients

Modern approaches and methods of risk diversification give investors a real opportunity to increase capital and have a comfortable level of risk.

Our Approach:

First of all, we understand and respect the financial goals of our clients. To do this, we discuss your needs and take into account your tolerance and appetite for risk. In a way, we are also trying to dissuade clients from a simplistic understanding of the market and provide a deeper understanding of the broad possibilities of the stock market.

As a partner in the world of finance, IQ Smart Capital strives to create value for its clients through technology and knowledge in the field of finance and investment! Before concluding an agreement, we advise our clients, study their financial situation and the possibilities of long-term, successful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our Advantages:

We use a competent fundamental approach, modern analytical tools to develop strategies and implement the tasks of our clients! In our work, we focus on the stock market and ETFs of different asset classes, as these financial instruments provide an opportunity to achieve your goals and get a higher return per unit of risk than the broad market.

We mainly use long-term Relative Return Strategies, the purpose of which is to obtain a higher return per unit of risk, or to obtain a similar return, but with less risk.

We use a unique risk analysis and management system, which makes it possible to provide a stable return on investment and the optimal level of risk that is most suitable for our clients in the medium- and long-term period.

Benefits for Clients:

Clients of IQ Smart Capital can take advantage of modern wide opportunities of the stock market, have their own independent and unique investment portfolio that can cover average annual inflation, can provide high efficiency and stable results in in the medium- and long-term period.

A unique risk monitoring and management system allows us to adapt а current investment portfolio in advance to future changes in the economy. It also allows us to achieve a truly stable return on investment, depending on the strategy, goals and investment horizon!

Our Experts

Professional Financial engineering and Risk management of Portfolio investments. Research and Analysis of the stock market, Investment in US and European stocks. Development of Quantitative Investment Strategies, Smart-Beta Strategies and Relative Return Strategies.

Studied investment management and finance at MIM-Kyiv Business School. Studied at Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University (USA).

Many years of business management experience, entrepreneur with 25 years of experience. He has an MBA degree from Business School MIM-Kyiv, Master of Laws, specialist in financial and banking law.

Zair Iusupov

CEO and Chief Investment Strategist

Private Wealth Management, Development of Investment Strategies and Advisory

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Modern approaches to investing, analytics and research

Modern approaches to investing, analytics and research

The contemporary investment landscape reflects an exciting period of innovation in investment methods and strategies. One of the key elements of successful capital allocation is effective analytics and research, enabling investors to make informed decisions and maximize portfolio returns. Today, amidst the increasing complexity of the market environment, investors increasingly need access to advanced analytics tools. One such tool is fundamental analysis of companies, which allows evaluating their financial health and growth potential. Tickers of companies such as Apple Inc. (AAPL), Inc. (AMZN), and Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) are of interest to investors due to their stable financial status and growth prospects. Moreover, modern technologies like machine learning and algorithmic trading are becoming increasingly prevalent in the investment process. These innovative analytics and research methods help identify market trends and forecast movements with high accuracy. Thus, modern approaches in investing encompass not only traditional analysis methods but also the use of advanced technologies and tools, allowing investors to effectively manage their portfolios and achieve desired outcomes.

How to invest in current market conditions and make a profit

How to invest in current market conditions and make a profit

Investing in today's market conditions requires careful analysis and adaptation to changing trends. To successfully deploy their capital and generate profit, investors need to apply various strategies and tactics, considering the peculiarities of the current market environment. One of the key investment strategies is portfolio diversification, which helps reduce risks and increase potential profitability. Investors may consider stocks of companies from different sectors, such as technology, healthcare, and energy. For instance, stocks of companies like Tesla Inc. (TSLA), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), and Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) represent different industries and may be of interest to investors in various market conditions. Additionally, it is essential to consider geopolitical and macroeconomic factors that may influence market trends. Investors should closely monitor news and events in global markets to react adequately to changes and maximize their profit. Therefore, successful investing in current market conditions requires careful analysis, diversification, and consideration of macroeconomic and geopolitical factors.

Financial Engineering to optimize risk and return

Financial Engineering to optimize risk and return

Financial engineering is a comprehensive approach to portfolio management aimed at optimizing risk and maximizing asset returns. One of the key strategies of financial engineering is structuring the portfolio to reduce potential losses while maintaining a high level of return. This may involve various forms of protection, such as options or derivatives, which allow hedging the portfolio against adverse market movements. Moreover, financial engineering provides the opportunity to utilize different investment instruments and strategies to optimize portfolio returns. This may include structuring the portfolio considering current market trends and using alternative investments, such as real estate or hedge funds. Stock tickers of companies like Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), BlackRock Inc. (BLK), and JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) serve as examples of companies actively employing financial engineering in their portfolio management strategy. Thus, financial engineering is an important tool for investors, helping them optimize risks and returns of their portfolio, ensuring its stable growth and financial well-being.