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Investment consulting (improving value for investors)

Strategy for creating and increasing company value for stakeholders and investors

IQ Smart Capital offers investment consulting services for companies, start-ups and developing projects. We offer a range of services and expertise in the field of investment and corporate finance, investment portfolio or project management, development of investment strategies, advanced financial models and advice.

Any investment project or initiative aimed at making a profit is faced with the need to professionally, competently and deeply analyze the available opportunities and alternatives in order to make informed investment decisions. IQ Smart Capital can act as your strategic partner and consultant to implement your tasks of varying complexity.

We also offer start-ups, small and medium-sized companies services aimed at increasing the value of the company in the eyes of potential investors, buyers or strategic partners. The sources of financing, the volume and cost of financing directly depend on the degree of risk of the company itself, on the stability of its profit, on the efficiency and stability of the company's position in the market. There are quite a few factors that are taken into account by the side of a potential investor or buyer of a share in a company.

It is important to understand the ethical and economic principles that underlie the philosophy of interaction between a company and its stakeholders. We are ready to advise you and your management, conduct the necessary trainings and training programs in order to explain to all important team members how to work with a potential investor and financial partner.

We can help you plan and implement changes in the company that are highly likely to lead to process optimization and profit growth, increase stability and reduce risks, increase key investment metrics that are important for investors and potential buyers of a share in the company.

As a result, all investment consulting processes will be aimed at increasing the real value of the company in the eyes of investors or potential stakeholders. Since the investor (or business owner) risks the most, it is important first of all to reduce the risk and increase the return on invested capital, and this will lead to an increase in return per unit of risk.

If you are also interested in the services of IQ Smart Capital in the field of Wealth Management, asset management or services for investing in the US and European stock market, please contact us by phone numbers on the contacts page. You can get a free initial online consultation.

You may be interested in our online investment training services in Kyiv for beginners or experienced investors. Please leave a request, and our staff from the main office in Kyiv will contact you to discuss your need!

Investment consulting (improving value for investors)
Investment consulting (improving value for investors)
Increasing company value for stakeholders and investors
Order investment consulting in Kyiv
Investment consulting services
How investors see the company, what is important to understand?

How investors see the company, what is important to understand?

Company management is a key factor for an investor. Business culture and ethics play an important role in the growth of a company.

What business indicators are important for an investor?

What business indicators are important for an investor?

Why is the strategy and real competitive advantages of the company important for an investor? How to create real stability and reduce risks?

Our Approach:

IQ Smart Capital, as an expert in the field of finance and investment, provides its clients with unique opportunities and expertise that will create value and increase the fundamental value of the business. We understand well how to optimize processes, build a system of financial control, give business owners confidence and control over financial performance and the company as a whole.

Acting as a partner and strategic consultant, IQ Smart Capital will be able to bring economic added value to the business, create an effective system of strategic managerial accounting and control of the company's finances. For business owners, we are ready to find the best solutions to those problems that haunt them and take a lot of time and energy!

Our Advantages:

For the purposes of our clients, we use fundamental knowledge and modern technologies, digital solutions, Big data Analysis, Business Intelligence, and other modern approaches to implement an analytics system and control the company's finances.

For start-ups and growing companies, we provide our deep knowledge in the field of finance and investment, develop and implement only those solutions and models that are needed and necessary for the company at this stage of the life cycle.

We use only those financial indicators and models that are justified and necessary for a particular company, taking into account the specifics of the business, geography, as well as the level of complexity of the company's operations.

Benefits for Clients:

IQ Smart Capital clients can take advantage of our experience and knowledge, analytical capabilities and many years of experience, which are expressed in thoughtful and effective financial and economic decisions.

A systematic approach and responsibility to clients allow our clients to receive real economic benefits, minimize the risks and costs of the company, as well as a stable and long-term growth of the company's fundamental value.

Our Experts

Professional Financial engineering and Risk management of Portfolio investments. Research and Analysis of the stock market, Investment in US and European stocks. Development of Quantitative Investment Strategies, Smart-Beta Strategies and Relative Return Strategies.

Studied investment management and finance at MIM-Kyiv Business School. Studied at Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University (USA).

Many years of business management experience, entrepreneur with 25 years of experience. He has an MBA degree from Business School MIM-Kyiv, Master of Laws, specialist in financial and banking law.

Zair Iusupov

CEO and Chief Investment Strategist

Private Wealth Management, Development of Investment Strategies and Investment Advisory